GST-ready accounting software

Do your regular accounting, send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory, generate reports, file GST returns & much more like never before at never heard of price.

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No Need to Hire an Accountant

Reco’s user-friendly interface makes Accounting a cake walk… You don’t need to be an accountant or accounting software professional to use RECO. RECO accounting suit helps both small & large businesses to manage their account by themselves with or without any knowledge of Accounting.

Your Data Your Device…

RECO has answered the long awaited & pending demand for an online Accounting Application which doesn’t keeps the user’s Accounting Data. RECO’s unique process lets you keep your data with yourself with the flexibility of anytime, anywhere accounting. With RECO, your accounting data is safe with you in your device & in your e-mail. We at RECO don’t store any Accounting Data with us.

Anytime, Anywhere, Accounting

With Reco, you can easily access your accounting data from anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to carry the application with you, with web option, you can easily access your account books from anywhere.

No Internet! No worries…

RECO sets you free… Now, you don’t need an internet connection to use RECO. RECO’s offline mobile & desktop app gives you the freedom from internet. With RECO, you only need an internet connectivity for anywhere, anytime accounting.

GST Filing without the help of a CA

With RECO, you can easily create GST reports and file GST returns only with one click. Now, you don’t need a “Professional” or a “Tax Expert” for GST, with RECO you are sorted.


RECO’s unique approach towards simplifying Accounting process has made the application flexible enough for the “users” to mould it as per their individual taste & businesses.

We care…

RECO is easy to install & much easier to use. If you still need help! Just explore our step-by-step video guide. Still need some more assistance or want to drop in a suggestion, just go to “Send Feedback” option in main Menu & soon you will be talking to us.

RECO’s innovative & patent worthy process allows users to keep their data with them only,
RECO makes Invoicing easy & professional. RECO offers plenty of choices for users to choose Invoice from,
With RECO one doesn’t need to be an “Accounts Expert”. RECO ‘s step by step & simplistic
Another patent worthy “Daily Sales” process from RECO will be a boon for all retailers. With this process,
The biggest problem With GST is of collecting. Maintaining the GST data & then taking it to to a “professional” for filing the GST returns.
Remember that constant search for the “accountant”! well, that search ends with RECO.
We at RECO, give the highest priority to safety, security & maintaining the sanctity of User Data. As the saying goes
RECO’s graphical representation on Dashboard & various reports options, acts as ready reckoner on the health
A very useful & practical feature of syncing the contact list with RECO is both easy & effortless. Creating a party account from the phone’s contact
We at RECO, understand the complixity involved in preparing, presenting, reading & understanding the Balance Sheet and P&L.

Mobile Application

A innovative & unique RECO Mobile App, which neither requires internet connection for accounting nor does it “takes” the user’s data & still makes “Accounting” a piece of cake.

Desktop Application

This is specially developed for our traditional users, who are more comfortable with a offline version, sitting tight in their personal computers/laptops.

Web Application

RECO’s web version, while maintaining the ease & security gives the users of its Mobile & Desktop version, the complete freedom to chose any medium, operating system & place to operate it from.

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